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An engineer, a keen observer, writer about tech, life improvement, motivation, humor, and more. Hit the follow button if you want a weekly dose of awesomeness.

It is not “On your face”, and will mostly go unnoticed, but will bring a huge change in years to come

When I was around four years old, I remember asking my mom about my color.

Mom, why I am dark skinned compared to Raj. Why did God punish me?

Even before I properly learned to sum up two numbers, I realized that being dark-skinned is a punishment. Thanks to the array of fairness cream advertisements that sold a solution to get whiter skin in a matter of few days. …

An engineer, a keen observer, writer about tech, life improvement, motivation, humor, and more. Hit the follow button if you want a weekly dose of awesomeness.

Hey All, this is Cinto. I am originally from India, currently working for a tech company in the United States (more precisely The Silicon Valley). My friends who know me claim that I am humourous, a good motivator, and very friendly. Yes, I keep asking them once in a while :P.

I have always loved writing. My oldest memory of writing goes back to when I was 9 years old and I wrote a story for a local town competition. I came 3rd. I've written fiction and plays for my school and college. Recently started writing on Medium.

I am…

Coming from someone who broke up after staying in a relationship for 10 years

My girlfriend and I were poles apart. I was shy and an introvert, she was outgoing. I loved being alone, she always wanted attention. I despised parties, she was the life of it.

But as they say— “Opposites attract”, her contrasting nature drew me closer to her. Maybe she was everything that I always wanted to be. Maybe I saw the fun and interesting aspect of life through her.

But these mindset differences would not remain intriguing forever. The differences in ideologies and philosophies would cast their damned shadows on our relation. We started fighting more. Many of our phone…

Apart from the known reason that “sharing is caring”

Recently while trying to learn a new engineering concept, I kept writing the things down that I learned. It dawned on me that this writing habit was instilled by my second-grade teacher Mrs. Linda. I still vividly remember her addressing all of the students,

If you want to improve your learning, try writing it down. It will help you.

She was not a researcher nor a scientist. She did not have access to the internet to validate her claim. …

Why too much dependence on anything can make you helpless

I stood there with the handle of the bike in one hand and a water bottle in the other, undecided which route to take.

It was getting dark. I had no clue which part of the jungle I was stuck at. I was not sure where I missed the trail route or where my trail mates were. I do not even have the energy to walk anymore, let alone dragging the bike along with me. Fear and helplessness slowly started to engulf me. My heart started pounding; my vision became blurred. I was paralyzed to the spot, a menacing aura…

Admiration is a human emotion elicited by people exceeding standard expectations

A couple of years back, at lunch, my friend Lewis, asked this as he pulled his chair to sit.

Cinto, what do you think makes us admire the people around us?

I always liked the philosophical discussions with Lewis, but this one was a bit out of the blue. I looked at him, wondering how to answer it best, but before I could, he answered

I think it is their personality, the way they dress, and the way they communicate.

I just replied,

I beg to differ.

Our discussion continued for about an hour and it reminded me of the…

A tale that some sees as dedication, duty, and devotion to his country, while others observe as naive

Imagine planning a surprise party for your best friend. You hide in his room with a cake, you have decorated his room with balloons and ribbon Chandeliers, you wrapped a lovely gift. You switch off all the lights waiting for him.

But he does not come. Minutes turn into hours, hours into days, days into weeks, but he does not arrive. Your dedication prevents you from leaving his room, just in case he comes.

The story of this Japanese Soldier, Hiroo Onoda, was very similar, but much more tragic, and inspiring. …

Or at least they don't say they do

Recently I was having a casual interaction with a friend I met online, thanks to Medium. We both have been writing on Medium for a while, and follow each other’s work. We discussed the best topics to write on, we laughed over the fake people who hope to clap their way to success, we spoke of the recent changes in Medium.

Then suddenly he asked a question that everyone seems to answer politically.

Why is your motivation to write?

Taking a brief moment, I answered

To make money

I did not take time to think about why I write. I…

And to prevent new issues from occurring

Git branches
Git branches

Git is an important part of our daily programming and solves a lot of our problems — especially when working with a team. Every software developer should be familiar with it.

But if you accidentally make a mistake and are not aware of the options to solve the issue, it may create havoc and increase your blood pressure. I remember when I pushed a wrong commit that deleted a lot of files on the main branch. After hours of searching on Google and Stack Overflow, I was finally able to solve the issue. The day still gives me nightmares.


They are slowly but surely poisoning your Mind

The people we add to our life have a critical role to play in our mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Some of them leave a very positive impact on our life, share our happiness, and listen to us during our sorrows.

But we knowingly or unknowingly, also let toxic people into our lives.

Maintaining a relationship with someone who’s selfish, judgmental, manipulative, or even downright antagonistic requires an enormous amount of emotional energy. The stress from interacting with toxic people can have a lasting, negative impact on the brain.

A study at Friedrich Schiller University in Germany found that exposure…

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